ITSYS CONSULTING INC is a consulting company specialized in information technology. We provide IT consultancy to small and medium-size companies.

Our mission is to become a leader in small business consulting by providing our clients with high quality IT services that help them become more successful. We will sharpen our focus in building a strong expertise in our field; this can be achieved by trying to be one of the first to learn new and advanced technologies.

ITSYS offers IT services in the following areas:

System and Application Architecture
Database and J2EE application Server
Hosting tests environments
Training, Technical Assistance and Technical Support

Database and Application Server expertise

Database Server Installation and Configuration: Oracle, MS SQL and Informix.
J2EE Application Server Installation, Configuration and Upgrades: Oracle, Websphere and Jboss.
Remote database and application server support.
Evaluation of Database configuration and architecture.
Provides recommendations for high availability and database security.
Monitoring and tuning, database sizing and capacity planning for all environments
Databases migration.
Implementation of supervision and management solutions.
Define and Implement Backup recover strategy using Oracle Recovery Manager and Legato Networker or Veritas Netbackup
Coaching of DBAs in using new and advanced features.
Database consolidation and reorganization.
Migration from Informix or SQL2000 to Oracle.

Hosting Solution

ITSYS provides a complete hosting solution for testing new technologies.
We prepare the environment you need based on your specifications (OS, Database, Application server)
Full root Access through SSH
Use of VPN to have access to the network of your server.
Technical support available.

Training, Technical Assistance and Technical support

ITSYS provide onsite training on new Technologies such as Databases and application servers, the content is customized to meet specific needs and may cover only the features that customers will use in their projects.
Technical assistance in migration projects.
Technical Support.(By email, phone, through SSH or by VPN)