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Hosting Solution

ITSYS provides a complete hosting solution for testing new technologies:

  •  We prepare the environment you need based on your specifications (OS, Database, Application server)
  •  We can deliver a ready to use environment or coach your technical staff in setting the environment
  •  You will have a dedicated server with full root Access through SSH.
  •  You can also use VPN to have access to the network of your server.
  •  We provide you with a technical support seven days per week


    Workshop Training    More
    - Oracle Database server 10g
    - Oracle Application server 10g

    - How to use Hibernate
    - J2EE technology and RUP methology

    ITSYS services           More
    - Installation and configuration of database products
    - Database migration and upgrades.

    - Backup/recovery implementation.
    - J2EE architecture: We cover Oracle application server and open source products (Jboss, Tomcat, Eclipse, Hibernate..)
    -Web services development

    Technical Articles      More


    DATABASE | J2EE| Architecture|Design

    Install and configure Legato Networker7.1 on Redhat Linux

    The Legato NetWorker product is a suite of storage management software that provides backup, recovery, and other services to computers with a wide variety of Operating systems and data types.

    - What is Volume labeling, Pools, Devices, Backup group and Schedule?.
    - How to install and configure Legato Networker as a Storage Manager?
    - How to configure Legato to backup and recover an Oracle Database?
    - This technical article provides answers to all these questions and shows by examples how to backup/recover your Oracle Database using Legato Networker.


    DATABASE | J2EE| Architecture|Design

    Oracle Application server 10g concepts and administration

    How to manage Oracle Application Server 10g using Enterprise Manager or Command-line utilities? How to manage all components of OracleAS 10g such as Oracle HTTP server, Oracle Web Cache, J2EE and OC4J, Oracle Internet Directory, Single Sign-On, …

    Even the focus is on administration, some concepts are defined such as Applets, Servlet, JSP, JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans, J2EE containers,… This will help you understand the functions of each Oracle Application Server component.